In pursuance of the above Goals and Objectives, the CCBI Commission for Family has been conducting the following Programmes in various regions:

  • Orientation Programmes for priests and nuns on the need for the apostolate, the segments of the apostolate and structures to effectively carry out the family apostolate.
    • Last three years we have conducted in all the regions for the Priests and Nuns who are involved in the Family Apostolate.
    • At the diocesan level seminar on Amoris Laetitia was conducted in almost all the dioceses
    • Seminar on Amoris Laetitia and family apostolate was conducted for the five women Congregations
  • Training Programmes to prepare personnel to conduct marriage preparation courses at three levels: remote, proximate and immediate.
    • Since there was a need for uniformity, a syllabus and manual titled ‘Walking Together in Love’(Trainer’s and Participant’s) for marriage preparation for both proximate and immediate was prepared as a tool to help animators.The Marriage Preparation Manual adopts the ‘Modern Interactive Approach to Training’.
      • The content: Unit One: Building Bonds and Discovering Needs; Unit Two: Called to Oneness through Sexuality; Unit Three: Called to Grow in and through Differences, and Unit Four: Marriage as a Sacrament
    • Remote Marriage Preparation: a book ‘Life is Beautiful’: a Handbook for Remote Marriage Preparation for young people, between 15 to 25 years. About 70% dioceses have remote marriage preparation either at parish, college or school level.
  • Training of Trainers in Marriage Preparation Course (MPC TOT) in regions is a regular activity of CCBI Commission for Family( last three years 30+ training Seminars on the topics of Marriage Preparation Course(MPC), Family Apostolate, Amoris Laetitia, Parish Family Cell(PFC), Prolife and NFP, Family Counseling and Marriage as a Sacrament). Apart from regional programes, the Commission conducted training seminars for few individual dioceses.
  • The majority of the dioceses of India, conduct marriage preparation course at the diocesan or parish level and a few dioceses conduct preparation at diocesan as well as parish level from two days to two week’s duration. Marriage Preparation at least for two days has been made mandatory throughout India.