To establish/strengthen infrastructures to foster Family Apostolate at different levels (such as parish, diocese and region)

To assist regions in order to promote and support Marriage preparation and Marriage Enrichment Programes

To train resource persons at the regional level for the various segments of the apostolate

To network with family movements and other organizations

To emphasize Pro-Life issues

Segments of the Family Apostolate

The segments of the Apostolate of the CCBI Commission for Family are as follows:

 Marriage preparation           ○ Remote     ○   Proximate     ○  Immediate

  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Intimacy of Spousal Relationships
  • Effective Christian Parenting
  • Family Catechesis, Family Spirituality
  • Prolife and the Family
  • Anti-contraception
  • Anti-Abortion
  •  Gender Sensitivity
  •  Protection of the Girl Child
  • Prevention of Euthanasia

○ Care of Aged and those Suffering Terminal Illness

  • Counselling Services
  • Healing Broken Relationships
  • Parish Family Cell as the Locus for the Family Apostolate

Networking with family movements and other organizations to promote the following:

  • Deepening of spousal relationship
  • Effective Christian parenting
  • Family Spirituality/ family catechesis.
  • Pro-life issues and the family: Campaign against contraception, abortion gender discrimination, Euthanasia and amniocentesis.
  • Protect the girl child, care of the aged, the sick and terminally ill in families
  • Provide counseling services to distressed families and help mend broken relationships among family members.

Retrovile seminar mainly in the two cities: Bangalore and Mumbai